The memory is fading – like an older person struggling to remember specific details from another point and time in his life…

Memories fade – it’s what they do – they reinvent themselves and then accentuate specific details.

Numbers do not lie.

On this day of remembrance…those numbers still stand at a figure called, “Six Million.”

Six million…how can we ever make any sense of that number?

Six million people were starved, tortured, enslaved, dehumanized, experimented on and forced to suffer unfathomable sufferings until, thankfully, their physical body ceased to exist. Their souls and their selves were stolen away already – it was the reflexive struggle for survival which kept them physically alive for as long as they humanly could.

Six million…

The population of Los Angeles and Houston – every human being in those two cities – add up to less than 6 million people. Imagine if both of those cities were suddenly swallowed up and each person was killed?

Six million people – as I have written in the past – is not just six million.

Put inflation to that number and how many descendants would come from them?

How many of those descendants would have invented, conceived or worked miracles for this world?

The will to never forget is waning – with leaders around the world having won elections with ideologies which touch on if not rely on xenophobia.

The will to never forget is waning – with mass murders inspired by baseless hatred taking place daily around the world.

Religions are pointing fingers and guns towards the ones who do not believe as they do.

Populations are educating infants to hate all who are not as they are.

Hatred is in vogue these days – right vs. left, liberal vs. conservative – it’s a never ending circle of destruction. Acceptance and respectful dialogue have been lost and schoolyard taunts have taken its place.


Yeah we remember the murdering and the attempt to exterminate the Jewish people. As a Jew I remember it well and am reminded of it every day when another elected politician expresses their true selves.

Outrage? It lasts for as long as a tweet or a hashtag lasts.

So on this day of remembrance we should not only remember – we should be cognizant of the hatred that has been reincarnated and is living within ourselves.

As Victor Frankl stated; “I grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: The salvation of man is through love and in love.”