It’s a feeling of extreme loneliness and being in a country where you cannot speak the language and no one understands what you are saying.

It’s a feeling of knowing what to do, but simply lacking the strength or the desire to do them.

It’s a feeling of dissatisfaction, despite your surroundings and a feeling of wanting to run away yet needing to stay home.

It’s a feeling of extremes… Passion, love, anger and solitude. It’s a sense of helplessness and confusion.

It’s a sense of Independence and knowing and wanting more and more. It’s fucking frightening and you sometimes wonder if anyone cares or can ever comprehend what you are going through.

It’s a feeling of wanting to tell the world yet never craving any attention.

That’s it, it’s a polar paradox of emotions.

Wanting but not knowing exactly what is needed.

I know because I have been there. never at the ledge, but definitely in the bright darkness.

It’s so many things but never a romantic situation. Step out and ask for help, it is treatable.

Be there for others, but most of all, be there for yourself.