Sometimes there is no specific event that can propel these dark blizzards to cause an avalanche of darkness…
There are solutions to these maddening events…”Lights” in a sense. 
Lights which illuminate a room, a house, a city or perhaps a world. 
The lights are within each soul…
We can learn how to kindle these lights by looking within ourselves. 
The sun, the moon and the man made illuminants cannot shatter the darkness with the strength of an inner spark. 
There is a tremendous amount of darkness this world – we are faced with it on a daily basis. 
One can simply cede to the power or one can remember just who they are and what they possess. 
One of the lights is “Love.”
Love does heal, love does erase the past pains and love does light up even the darkest of moments. 
Love for oneself is the rage these days and it is the first step towards understanding and respecting just who you are. But when you give love selflessly that is when the healing begins. 
When you love someone you do not simply buy expensive gifts to express that love or say the words “I love you” over and over again. When you love someone you give up a piece of yourself in order to give or share it with that person – yet you never feel a void for what you have cast aside for them. 
Love, in all its variants, is a healer – open up your soul and search for that light within and once you find it – you will understand that love is the definition of the miraculous lights.