In late November of 1980 I heard that John Lennon was releasing a new album. I was excited to hear what he had to say. The first song I heard was,

“Starting Over” a love song about always remembering that there was a time when love was the binding force between 2 strangers.

The next song was “Woman” and then, “Watching the Wheels.” Which listening to it now describes a man who was staying at home not out of laziness but out of the need to heal.

It wasn’t until my first child was born that I understood the love and meaning of “Beautiful Boy.”

That song became the goodnight song for him and his brothers and sisters later on. It was also a song I played when I remarried in 1998 and my insanely beautiful bride and I danced with the two boys.

Love, isn’t simply an emotion.

Love is a religion that you need to practice throughout your days and nights.

Being there and being involved.

Listening and learning from all the mistakes you make as a parent. (There are so many)

Love is a religion that is a compass for life.

Love will be taken for granted when it should be treated like the holiest blessing in life that it is.

Love is all you need.