For many people, there has been a time when they have been running on empty. Empty meanings about life, love , empty energy levels, empty bank account…empty sources of inspiration.
For many people who have survived, the emptiness might still remain but there is a spirit which keeps them filled with hope and faith that they could make it through another day.

Chanuka is celebrated each year.

Do you realize just how many times you’ve found yourself work nothing to sustain you one way or another, yet somehow managed to make through another day?

Is that a miracle or is it perseverance? Luck or fate?
Life is not easy.
It can be beautiful if you look around, Sometimes it’s can be too hard to open your eyes.
You are running on empty…
Say a prayer in the words you choose. You’d be surprised of the infinite forms that miracles will appear as.

Happy Chanukah, never stop believing.