Independence day, evening fireworks as you and I, Debbie, walked on the beach down the street from the place you were staying.

Summer time, some time in the 80’s. We held hands that evening as the fireworks startled you at first.

Summer evening chills, I gave you my shirt to wear and you let me run my hands through your hair.

Clumsily our lips touched, I knew right then and there this was a moment in time.

I walked you back and we whispered on the front porch with the lone lightbulb flickering. There was sand on the floor and I let you keep my shirt. The screen door slammed as I let go and watched you close the door.

Walking through the dark New Jersey streets I got lost looking for Broadway and ended up in a shanty town. The sign said I could not enter that’s when I walked on through.

It wasn’t until ten years later that I found my self face to face with you.

I saw you from a block away, how could I not notice you hadn’t changed since that independence day.

The streets were darkened, there was no moon and the fireworks had yet to begin. I walked closer and you saw me and your lips turned into a grin.

You were not holding hands, you saw me and you seemed sort of relieved.

“where you been all this time?” You asked

“been around and about, going places I was denied entrance to.”

“that sounds just like you.”

“you look great, I hope it’s not too late?”

“just in time… Just in time.”

Walking up the stairs to your front porch, the lone lightbulb shining bright, sand on the floor, we sat on the porch swing and laughed.

You shook, I gave you my hoody and you rested your head on my shoulder.

There was a cool breeze, no moon, and the darkened streets of New Jersey had me at a loss.

I found my way home, with Debbie as my guide and always and forever, side by side.