When the glass has been shattered and the balloon has been popped. When the train is in full speed and can never be stopped.

Fold your hands, close your eyes.

When the bottle is empty and the fridge is too. Your stomach makes sounds you are not used to.

Fold your hands, open them towards the sky, close your eyes.

I feel like I’m blindfolded and walking on glass. When will my hopes come to pass?

So I close my eyes and I whisper the words…

I remember the days when life was taken for granted, success was expected and the people around me cared about what I had to say.

These days I look at my reflection in a cracked mirror expecting a frown, but I still see my smile…

(I look around me and I cannot count my reasons for gratitude, I am blessed)

Sometimes the shards on the floor can prick me, the blood stains the floor as I tip toe to salvation… Sometimes blood has no meaning where it once meant everything.

Like an early December evening, the sun sets too soon and the darkness descends like a hammer on your head. Frustration and disappointment, nailed into my skull.

So I close my eyes and I whisper that the Lord is my God and the Lord is One.

It’s what keeps me sane, keeps me believing, in hope, in the world and in myself.

I know, I know, it’s going to get better.

The broken pieces will turn into a beautiful mosaic, the answers will come and my faith will be redeemed.

My desperation is intense, I am prepared, and have faith in Your guidance.

Show me the answers, point me in the right direction, I’m listening…