Each event in life has a cause and effect. I personally believe that there are no coincidences in life. Everything has it’s time and place.

Think of the man who played the lottery each week for 30 years. He played the same six numbers each time and never won more than a free game. One day on his way to work, he was overwhelmed with the debts he owed and the inability to do for his family what he had always wished he could. He had lost faith. He was about to not play the lottery. “What’s the use, it’s just another let down in a torrent of let downs.”

When his habit found him walking in to the store to purchase the lottery, he went through the motions “one last time.” He said to himself.

That night he checked the numbers and he saw that, this time, he had matched each of the numbers perfectly. He verified the win by phone and he was told he had won the top prize. He was the sole winner and had won 66 million dollars.

He kept questioning his decisions that day. What if he changed the numbers he played? What if he gave in to his defeatist attitude and did not try one last time?

What is the lesson? I don’t think it’s the winning of the lottery. I think each person has a lottery they are destined to fight for and win. It’s the understanding what treasure you choose to pursue.

Find your passion and be persistent. Be patient – passion will come to you in different shapes and forms, colors and sizes. There is a destiny for each of us – keep your eyes open and never lose faith in yourself and in a higher power. 

What will be the effect you make in this world? Find the cause and you can determine your effect.