Walked across the road, pass the old school and playground.

Headed to the chamber of mirrors, picked up a bloody nose and a bruise.

Walked up the ramp towards that haunted house, felt alone and unafraid. Nothing scares me anymore, only the glass on the ground left by the blood that has betrayed.

Avoided the bearded lady, she always freaks me out. I walked with Ratso and the hustler, you should have heard the shouts.

Blonde haired woman, brown haired man, walked towards the ferris wheel holding hands. Blonde haired woman let go of his hand, watches as he slips away with the 700 pound lady.

Man on stilts, she nods and then she walks on by. The bearded lady entices her as she shows her a bottle of temporary amnesia.

Middle aged children walk in a daze. Unsure of decisions and the life they have made.

Preacher wearing a wide brimmed hat, speaks about God and His holy throne. While so many still go to sleep hungry and alone.

It’s the end, it’s the beginning, it’s the middle of the night. It’s August in April, salvation is lost and home is way out of sight

God in His mercy, strengthen the weak, revitalize the fallen and make true their dreams.

Bearded lady shaves off her beard and decides to walk the runway. Accepted and befriended by a repentant society she permits herself a chuckle in celebration. She runs to catch her train but find herself alone at a deserted station.

We are each of us, middle aged children trying to figure out what to do when we grow up.

This carnival of horrors, this gallery of freaks… On the boardwalk overlooking the beach.

Old man says, “if I wake up tomorrow, what shall I do, who shall I be?”

While in the distance a train whistle blows…