One August evening, the year was 2004, I was just getting over a life changing event. What? You don’t need to know the specifics. I was in the drugstore looking for a new toothbrush when I noticed a pretty lady next to me on the aisle. Something about her was familiar.

She approached me.

“Do you recognize me?” I looked at her for minute and then it hit me.
“Nice, I thought you wouldn’t remember.”
“Of course I remember! How did you recognize me?”
“I’ve read some of your books.”
“You look amazing; how long has it been, 20 years?”
“Actually, 21 years.”
“What are you doing now, want to grab a drink?” I asked.
She hesitated, bit her lip and then said, “Yes.”

Gabby and I had spent a summer together working in a sleep away camp. I was in charge of the stage production while she was the lifeguard. Towards the end of the summer, a week left or so in the camp, we sat together during dinner and spoke at length for the first time. After dinner I asked her to go for a walk with me. She said yes and we went for a walk through the woods. After a while we found a rock to sit on. I kissed her and she accepted. We sat there for a while kissing and whispering. Then we realized it had gotten dark. She held my hand as I led her back to the camp grounds.
Once there, she told me that she had a key to the pool area.
“Do you want to hang out there?”
“Yes, I am not ready to go to sleep on my cot.”
She took my hand and brought me to the pool area. We each lay down on chaise lounges a stared up at the sky.

It was a hot and humid night, there was a scent of burning wood and the sound of crickets filling the air. As we lay on the chaise lounges holding hands, we each saw several shooting stars in a matter of minutes. I kissed her and she said she was really hot. There was no breeze to speak of and the temperature must have been in the low 80s or so.

“Do you want to swim?” She asked me.
“I don’t have my bathing suit and I don’t want to leave here to go and get it right now.”

“You don’t need the bathing suit. Nobody is going to come, I locked the door and the lights are still off.” She pulled off her t-shirt, pulled down her shorts and beckoned me to join. I pulled down my shorts and pulled up my t- shirt.

I was 18 years of age that summer, skinny and tanned. She was 17 years of age with a body that was, in my mind, perfect. Her body was tanned and I felt way out of my league.

“Have you ever gone skinny dipping?” She unsnapped her bra, it fell to the floor and pulled down her panties. I stood still and was conflicted about pulling off my underwear. She walked towards me. kissed me, pushed me down onto a chaise lounge. She pulled down my briefs and put her mouth on me.

I was not experienced, this was my first time and she didn’t have to work long on me. She smiled and jumped in the water, I followed, still hypnotized by her mouth.

I held her in my arms and she took my hand and placed it between her legs. She used my fingers to show me what to do. I did as she said and she began to breath hard. She pulsated, shivered and I picked her up in my arms.

Our tongues were aggressively expressing our passion. We came out of the pool and we dressed quickly.

The next evening we went walking and came upon a tiny house. One of those small houses with canvas as a roof and zippered windows.

I looked through the window and it was clear that no one was home or had been there for a while.

There was a “for sale” sign on the front and I tried the door. It opened and I held her hand leading her inside.

There was a bed left unmade and we fell onto it while in an embrace. She opened her mouth to me and I opened mine to her. I began to make love to her body, savoring her taste. Her neck, down to her breasts and down in between her legs.

“Come up,” she said, “I want you inside of me.”

With my mouth on her mouth, she licked me lips and whispered that she liked the way my lips tasted. I entered her and then I began to thrust back and forth slowly.

The next day she left me a note that she had to go back home early. She wrote down her phone number and told me to call her.

When I got home several days later, I could not find her note. I had lost it and her number. I called the camp office but there was no answer. They had left for the winter, I assumed. I had no idea how or where to reach her.

Now here we were, a lifetime since those summer nights and she looked beautiful. I, well, I could lose twenty pounds or so.

We went to sit in an outside tavern down the block. We drank beer, ate spaghetti and we caught up.
She had two teenagers and was working as a bank manager. She had just gotten divorced and was trying to get her life back together again.
I had three teenagers and was “in between novels.” I had been married and divorced and made sure to be close to my kids. We finished our meal and we walked up the street to my place.

“Would you like to come and check out my bachelor pad?”
She laughed, “Yes I would love to check out your bachelor pad.”

It didn’t take a moment before we were out of our clothing and all over each other. We made love, drank tea and spoke throughout the night. I woke up in the morning and saw her coming towards me all dressed.
“Good morning, I hope you don’t mind that I used your shower?”
“Not at all.” Come back to bed.
“I can’t, I have to get home for my kids. They are coming back from their father this morning and I want to be there.”
“I forgot, you mentioned that last night. Can we see each other again?”
“I’d like that.” She gave me a kiss and wrote down her number on a piece of paper.
“Don’t lose it this time!”
“Definitely not,” I got up and wrote my number on a piece of paper. “Insurance! If you don’t hear from me please call me. I am planning on calling you for dinner on Monday?”
“If you don’t call I know where you live!”