Who gathers the tears, that have fallen?

Who can ever measure the suffering felt by the ones left behind?
We hear about terrorist attacks and the innocent lives that are stolen. We read about them and their lives. Hash tags, prayers and flowers…

But what happens after the headlines are replaced?
Who catches the tears that fall from the eyes of the ones left behind?
The faces of the stolen are forever etched within the hearts, minds and within the souls of the ones left behind.

Confusion and an inability to comprehend what kind of evil can inspire such cold-hearted acts.

When you kill one person, you are killing a world.

Loved ones are left frozen in time. How? Why?

Where do the tears fall? Do they fall on the ground to simply dry up and to be forgotten?
The existence of God is questioned yet the faith of His existence is what keeps us alive.

The whispers of hatred, the screams of death they must carry inside to cause such destruction.
There are no excuses, no reasons, no strands of sanity in the ones living a life obsessed with the death of their perceived enemies.

The healing can begin with the children, no child is born with hatred. So it must begin within the adults to reject the ideology of hatred and embrace the possibilities of life.
We must be the ones who catch the tears, we must be the ones who gather the pain, suffering and drown them with love and understanding.