Bronx fire kills 19 people, 9 of them are children

Swirls of fire — smoke is undetected and the deep sleep will go on forever.Nothing sacred about this — nothing that I can find.
Sinkholes and quicksand where love once stood strong, once upon a time.

Swirls of fire and sounds of screams…the walls are closing in and nothing can be seen.
Politicians in the front, dressed all in black, firemen exhausted and a part of them forever gone, sitting in the back.
Prayers are said, in whispers and in screams — searching for answers…

What can this all mean?

Children are lost, confused and asking questions. Running in circles, grasping at the wind and trying to capture the sunlight. Men huddled speaking softly, what went wrong that night?

Swirls of fire — smoke undetected but did it have to end this way?

What kind of answer, what kind of reasons can be used to satisfy the ones who question? Is it the end of the world, is it the time of redemption?
I walk alone, I ponder.
I write some words; I sit and wonder.

I ain’t looking for no answers or reasons for this. Just striving for acceptance that this sort of sadness can exist. Not striving for repentance, not looking to change a thing. Just living as I always have and hoping for a world without suffering.

I believe, I believe, I believe — what else can I do?

You carried me away from my pain and granted me the freedom to live. You drove away my pain and taught me how to forgive.

Those swirls of fire, have taken them away

The eternal fire still aflame in the dark; parents searching for their lost children, children searching for their lost parents…have nothing left to say…