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Anyone listening? Help me promote my business! Freddy Zalta Talks – is anyone listening?

See below –  Give your descendants the gift of a lifetime – the story of your family! How much would you love to read a book about your great grandfather or grandmother? How about your great, great grandfather or grandmother? Unfortunately, those largely don't exist.  Through interviews, research, photos and the love that will surely be shared, I will write the story of the lives of those you hold so dear.  References and sample writing available.  Cell 347-469-1067 fzalta@gmail.com website http://www.thestoryoftheirlives.com
  1. Anyone listening? Help me promote my business!
  2. Introduction Hello, My name is Freddy Zalta
  3. Flash Fiction: Departures and Distractions
  4. Chapter Three (part 2)
  5. Chapter three (Part One) crossing the line

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