Some go through so many obstacles in life.

Dark nights in strange places. Intoxicating and numbing by distracting, pushing away those dark feelings.

We fall off the horse so many times we often forget why we ever got on it in the first place.
We lose so many people along the way.

Mistreated and often ignored, we fall again, stand up, brush the dirt from our clothes and keep on moving on.
It’s what we do.

Reflections in a mirror do no justice to how good we look in our own eyes.

We have made it through another storm and found our way back home. We found our way, we are champions, double chins and receding hairlines be damned.

We are the beautiful ones who will stand atop the mountain and let out a sigh of contentment.

There are easier roads in life, but all they do is cast a spell on ones pillow.

We take the hard road because it’s who we are and we live by our truth.
I could’ve been so many other people, but I chose myself instead.

I could’ve stayed but I strayed, from the liars and cheaters.

A lot of places we could’ve seen, lots of problems never would’ve been.

I could’ve bought her diamonds, gold and more smiles rather than wrinkles from worries.

But, I couldn’t lie, I couldn’t lie just to bring more money to my side.

What kind of man would I be if I stole food from another’s plate? I would’ve choked on the crumbs and fallen beneath the table.

A prayer for the ones who climb towards the zenith, always be true and never stray from the person you know you are and can be.

Take in the sights and sounds, breathe in breathe out. Feel and express gratitude.

Look down so you never forget just how far you have come. Looking down might make you dizzy and frightened, but it’s only the fear of your own regression.
Keep on climbing, keep on climbing…