We run (figuratively at least) through life. From a young age we want to grow up.
In school we want to get out.
Walking, we yearn to drive so we can get where we want to go faster, faster.

At home we yearn for answers to questions thrust at us by society. We need to get out…

At work, we work and sometimes forget about the “why,” we are working and only focus on hunting down that whale.

We rush time and time complies and rushes even faster than we could imagine.
Until you find yourself and the answers come to you, a little too late.

Youth should never be wasted.
Walking is the only way to take in the beauty that surrounds us.
Home is a tapestry of memories, good and bad, we hold dearly.
Work is just a means to survive and not how we should define ourselves. That whale? It was just a shadow and who wants to hunt a whale anyway?

We yearn for time to slow down, so we can take that breath and ingest our surroundings.

Our clock is spinning wildly and it’s running fast towards December. When the leaves have gone away, the sun is out for a limited time, the cold is blustery and the lonesome holiday songs ring out.

Slow down! Enjoy every moment in life. Be sober so you can truly enjoy life. “Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” Dean Warner said.

Embrace family, friends and yourself. Trust in a higher power, you can’t do it all alone.

Enjoy time and stop waiting for that water to boil.
It’ll happen, at the right time.