It’s either a beginning or an ending, endings are the first step to a beginning.
She walks out of the ocean and stands straight, squeezes the water out of her long hair and turns to look back at the ocean.

He stands and watches the sun, distracted by her and then turns and walks away.

The beach is deserted other than some seagulls searching for something and an older man with a metal detector poking the sand, searching for something.

She sits upon the sand and watches the waves. Deep in thought, about anything but her truth, she lays her head back and closes her eyes.

The old man is alerted about something in the sand, while the seagull with a piece of something in it’s beak, flies away.

The sun is still there when she opens her eyes and the waves are still racing towards her and then receding.

It’s a new day, a new beginning. She stands and throws a summer dress over her salt water wet skin. Smiles towards the water, the old man and walks her way.