Dark dirty blonde curls, mini skirt and black boots. A girl from another lifetime who I once knew as I ingest her sweet scent, memories collide.

Didn’t we once laugh together?
Walk across the bridges, dancing in the snow while the wind blew us face to face?

I see you and you can not know who I am, another man in another life, another world where I am so much older and unkempt. Your just starting this new life loving another man, as I love another woman. I look away, I look down.

Rain soaked roof tops, rainwater rolling over the leaf filled drainpipes, seeping onto the side yard below.

When you rush through life you never feel as if you have enough time. You just feel exhausted and spent.

Is it that time goes fast or is it that we always seem to be trying to get to the next stop as fast as possible?

A vintage newspaper promoting a vintage estate sale in the obituary of an 88 year old lady.

When I see you smile, I smile.
When I sense your love I am overwhelmed.

Is a dream an omen or is it simply a thought turned into a movie?

How many lives have we lived since we last kissed?

Can you understand why the old man still sits on that bench by the bridge hoping for a rewind button or second chances?

Regrets? No, just some should have dones. They are miles apart but just as blue and brown eyes look different they each have the same defining purposes.

Like a sun rise is a sun setting, when neither is the truth. It’s the earth moving round and round, the lucky old sun stands smiling.

Say hello with a smile and you get some sneers and frowns. It’s a dangerous world kids so look both ways as you cross a one way street.

It’s a world of contradictions, but you know that already. A smile is not always a smile, a frown is not always a frown. Just as a road is not always true, words can be false too.

False gods, rivers in reverse, closed eyes can be more aware than those that are wide open.

Songs are a version of hearts beating. Rhythm and constant movements.

Dance with me.
Simply throw your arms around me and slowly rock to our heart beats, your lips brush across my lips, our hearts beating in exact time. Close your eyes so you can hear and feel my truth. Can I catch a glance of your soul?

“Excuse me, do I know you? Or are you simply an apparition?”