Cold breeze on a warm afternoon. 

Drama and comedy walk hand in hand. 

Haven’t you learned? It’s the contradicting hearts that pulsate. It’s the preacher who has lost all faith. 

Look at the empty canvas, see the blue, red and yellows aligned one by one. Singularly they have only one message, together they have infinite questions and answers. Poems and songs. 

It’s the pulp of life, these emotional warzones. Where there are no victors nor vanquished. 

Souls dance, so close they can sense the lives they once lived.

If god is the reason for hatred, what good are the words?

If a flag only has one color what is its purpose?

If a judge is biased what good then are the gavels?

Why are people so afraid to accept others?

Why does it matter?

We live in a world where corrupt humans get to vote on love. Where freedom is a seven letter word rhyming with treason.

Hot breeze on a winter evening.

Where do we go from here?