In the predawn silence, icy dew decorates the grass, droplets of diamonds or broken glass?

Walking across this yard I let out a breath and white fog flows from my mouth.

A young girl stands staring sadly into space, as if she understands sadness and the madness of life. Can one ever judge another person’s emotions?

An abandoned payphone stands on the corner of 4th and 2nd. No doubt words of exhilaration and defeat were confessed.

Happiness is an emotion which is taken for granted until it’s not to be found. Smile when you can, laugh when given the chance, embrace it and treasure it. Not all jokes are funny, the older you get they seem repetitive or dull.

Hands left unheld, lips left to dryness, hearts beating in vein.

Words written are not always an x-ray revealing emotions that are true. Words can be words inspired by a teenagers sigh, an older man left behind or a simple stop sign.

The old man still sings, writes and dances, songs of dance and hopeless love. Psalmist for his generation; exultations, tribulations, imprisonment and freedoms.

I can’t stop thinking about that stranger, that girl staring into space. Walking hunched from the weight of her world, she stares into the Brooklyn Street. Black hair, olive skin and nodding to herself.

Can anyone ever fully understand another ?