I have scaled the unscalable mountain, taken in the sights and breathed in the cold clean air.

I have planted my flag into the peak and I have stood facing the four winds.

I have ascended, slipped and fallen, I dug my pickaxe in deep and found my strengths and weaknesses, when I had no time for weakness, no time for rest. 

My eyes and my heart, my soul and my faith. Now, Here I stand, forever a champion. 

I never ceded to the screams of doom or succumbed to the faces filled with dread.

My faith, the power and the love I possessed could not be shaken or stolen. 

They can take a lot from you, but they can never take away what you refuse to let go.

Clear dark blue skies above, bright green below. I can see forever from up here, what a sight to see, forever…