Old Man sucking on his cigarette, young man running and a young lady hiding.

We sat together and reminisced.
That night on the balcony overlooking the Acapulco ocean. Strange evenings spent running trying to find our way back.
Decades later trying to understand how it could be.

A crazy time of betrayals, champions, loss and life’s contradictions.

Have another drink, no thanks I’m good.
Too many lost hours and excuses.

Tell me about your loves.
Tell me about your disappointments and your hopes.
Do you still dream?
Do you still laugh when you watch the three stooges?
I remember her smile, do you? Her hair falling unapologetically and her skirt on the grass she sat upon.

How about those bells, do you still feel the reverberations, hear the echoes?
Did you ever take a chance and failed?
Did you ever take a chance and succeed?
Did you choose on your own or were you forced by society to take the high road?
What about love and gold? Which did you favor? Were your eyes closed in prayer before you chose or did you listen to your heart?

Old man still sucking in the nicotine and the unfiltered tobacco. Young man still running and young girls are still under covers.

Tomorrow is truly uncertain despite our written down “things to do.”

No words of experience from a man who has chosen poorly. Just some words of self agonization.
Don’t waste time, life begins and ends with love.