Walking hand in hand, upon the the Brighton beach sand. A sense of two emotions fall upon me, the jittery feelings of happiness and the fears of impending doom.

The interlocking of our hands, our hearts, a quick look into your eyes as you look through me. I cant see through you completely, but I can sense truth. What else matters?

The hot sand burning our feet, doused by the cold September ocean water. The smoke in the distance, so many dreams sacrificed for the duty of life.

We have scars that no plastic surgeon can remove, only time and love can remove the pain, the scars will remain. How can you lose something that has become a fabric of your self?

A slight breeze is born as we walk into the Coney Island sand. The paradise from the past to the right of us and the ghosts appear and their sounds we can hear. Within that happiness there was so much pain, freaks and tyrants, caged animals and greed.

There’s a sailboat in the water, not that far out. You can see two people standing and taking advantage of the new born breeze. She shivers and I pull out a hoodie from my bag, place it around her and she smiles.

How can one smile mean so much to a broken man? A man betrayed, a man with a false sense of entitlement? Still it heals and refreshes me. Her smile, her dirty blonde hair falling onto her face. She is the definition of truth and beauty. A tonic for this man filled with toxic lies and looking for redemption.

We turn back to where we began. The beach is emptying out save for a few lovers and a man searching for treasure in the sand.

She walks with her head on my shoulder and I shiver. It’s a long road this trip through time. At any moment it can end and where do we go from there? There is only one tonic for that.
I stop, I turn towards her and our lips touch. Arms embracing and hearts beating, one on one.
I see into her eyes and she sees me. She smiles. I smile.