The chains around legs and arms. No choice but to obey. No food, all work and nothing you can say to change the suffering, the stifling of humanity.

The stench of death is coming for you, you find less than a crumb of strength to fight off the pain, the cold and the loss of everything and everyone.

Blood streaming and water parting…freedom?

Freedom is a complicated word. What is the exact definition? There isn’t any clear cut definition.

In my opinion it’s the strength and the will to think for yourself. To reject the popular opinions or the rebellious ones. To be able to think and embrace what you believe is true strength, true freedom.

Conformity is laziness and confirmation of weakness.

It can be comfortable to conform, you become part of a community of common thoughts. But it robs you of your greatest asset.
Freedom to think and feel as your true self.

Insecure people try and please everyone, they compliment the powerful and they never break the rules.

Security, and true confidence is the ability to stand aside and choose the exit or entrances, the time and place, the people to look up to and the ones to avoid.

There are some fundamental truths in this life.
Hatred is bad.
Love is good.
The ability to not use your own “life Bible” to judge others.
Acceptance of differences should be the first commandment.

Each of us are engaged in battles no one else can ever truly comprehend. So let others believe what they choose to believe if it helps them get through life.

The choice to smile, the choice to walk not run or to run not walk. It’s the ability to choose.
In a world of conformity and the allure of fitting in regardless of the ideology, choose for yourself.
Live and let live.