She packed her bags and went on her way. Another town, another step down from where she began.
A lost case, filled with some words, hopes and hearts, left somewhere in another town, another failed start.

Sitting on the northbound heading towards another show, another act.
A tear falls and she catches it quickly. That dreaded feeling, missing home, missing the simple feeling of being in her room.
But that room is gone as is the home which it once was housed. She once couldn’t wait to bust out, to get out of that small town.
Same old story of a dreamer leaving home to catch the dreams floating within her grasp.

Lonely nights in cold cold towns. Playing in front of an empty bar in empty towns.

Will they still remember her in her hometown? Will they still want to see her, listen to her strum and sing? Singing words from long ago in tunes which help each verse rhyme.
Will she just cave in and admit she lost it all?
She posts herself on social media, viewpoint from the empty chairs where the bartender would take a photograph.

Linda, Connie and Johnny; Bobby, Louie and Jimmy, each with new clothes and new haircuts. Can she still continue the charade?

She sits staring out the window watching time and towns passing by.
As several years fall too quickly for her to catch, she knows it’s enough.
Time to go home.
Time to find home again.