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Free Will and God’s Response

And God said: ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.’ Genesis Chapter 1 – 6th Day

In the beginning God created the human beings in His image. I tend to hope that doesn’t mean a physical image because other than a few – most humans are ugly. I read the commentaries and went to yeshiva for 12 years so I was taught that it means, in a sense, we were given the ability to think for yourself. We have the capacity to stop and think and make decision based on rational thought.

So God gave us the world. He said, humans will reign supreme over the earth and all the creatures. So, now some several billion years after Eve ignored God and ate the apple from the tree; God is angry.

“I gave you a self-sustaining planet, I watered the earth when it was dry, I dried it when it was wet. Warmed it when it was cold and cooled it down when it was too hot. Seeds turned into trees which yielded fruits. Vegetables sprouted from the dirt of the ground  and I made sure that coffee was somehow discovered. I blessed humans with the ability to invent, discover and create. Sports, medicines and that lethal combination of cheese and tomato sauce.”

“I permitted the aroma to make sweet love to the senses, beautiful views to soothe tired eyes and the appreciation of the sounds of music, laughter and the ability to express yourselves in eloquent words and voices.”

God watched as humans killed his creations. Humans, nature, air and anything they had the power to destroy.

God watched as humans starved to death, while others feasted on bountiful breads and wines. God sat back during the crusades, black plague, slavery, rapes of all ages and pogroms.

God watched, or perhaps shrugged, when the earth shook, killing his creations and the homes that sheltered them. God watched as the rain kept falling and caused the rivers to overflow.

“It’s all about the thirst for power. First they build cities below the sea level; then they spend billions on hotels and attractions, filled with gluttony and sin. Why not spend a fraction of that on the levees to stop the water from overwhelming the barriers? It’s easy to point fingers, unfortunately it’s always the unfortunate who suffer when the powerful reveal their greed.”

“You give a man a million dollars and they still step all over other people and destroy natural beauty for the sole purpose of elevating their name. No regard for the other people. They place their names on the walls of the temples they build to ‘praise’ Me. It’s all a lie; why keep building separate places to praise Me when you can all congregate in one place as one people? I don’t need marble floors and winding stairwells. You spend millions on those ‘houses of worship’, rather, why not use that money to help the less fortunate? If you do that then that is not a house of worship to Me, it becomes a monument for the worshippers, a house of worship for the socially elite. They may have the most beautiful building, yet, because of their selfishly callous inactions, it is morally bankrupt.”

“I give you this world and the freedom to make decisions. I even tried to teach you how to live together by giving you ten simple rules to live by and I get repaid by you all praying to the ‘almighty dollar.’ You throw your parents to the side and then forget that all I asked was for that one day a week to devote in My name and what do you do? Ignore Me. You kill, you steal and you screw around with married people. You place zero importance into what I say unless you feel there is a benefit to you.”

“You throw your pennies to the poor and expect them to come back as dollar bills. You truly believe that the ends justify the means – no sir, never does and never will.”

God watched as the crazy evildoers opened fire on the children, he watched as a bomb fell on Hiroshima and on Nagasaki.  He watched on 9/11, on 12/7 and on the night the glass was broken. He watched as millions died even though prayers were recited faithfully believing that God knew what was best.

“I did know what was best. But the evil acts committed in My name can be invincible and are incomprehensible. Who would believe that a deity would desire such acts of destruction?”

“Progress was made and more could have been achieved. But the human’s desire for power stopped any progress. Illnesses came and destroyed bodies and lives; poverty and homelessness, starvation and disease…maybe if the governments of the world put in more money to heal the sick than to destroy their enemies; answers could have been found, cures could have been developed.”

“Instead they blame Me for the deaths and say, ‘God has a plan.’ There was a plan, free will was supposed to lead to innovation and ideas that would lead  to improvements to the standards of living for each and every person in the world. Instead there are children starving in New York City and in Paris; Syria is being decimated by its own people and the threat of imminent terror has paralyzed the progress of freedom. I created the human body and the humans have slowly destroyed it, one generation to the next.”

“Prayer heals the ill and the needy; action heals them quicker. Instead of sitting and praying; go to help the ones you know who need the help, hand in hand. You shake your hand in the air and express anger at a God who would allow these things to happen over and over. If it really bothers you, then go out and do something, say something. One word can have a larger impact than a hundred dollars.”

“Don’t blame me for the diluted version of the human I created on the sixth day. He was something that Adam, the original henpecked husband. But if you saw what Eve looked like before she ate the apple, then you would get it. But even they had issues; one son killed the other, I threw them all out of Eden and then – well, you know the story.”

Where is God today? There is a major error in the accounting department in heaven. The amount of suffering going on around the world – why can’t He kill the bad guys? Why does a mother of 5 die and Adolf Hitler live to destroy 6 million Jews?

“Where Am I? I am here, there and everywhere. All around the world the humans have taken the meaning of religion and perverted it to meet their own greedy agenda.”

“Power, once you give them a taste of it they can never be satiated. Look back at the Kings in history – David was a peeping Tom before Tom was even born. (That’s another one, Batsheva, in a way you can’t blame David for that one, she was one beauty.)  Then his son Solomon, got married more times than Liz Taylor; he could have gotten laid any time he wanted but he felt it would be more advantageous to marry. I heard one person say it was out of respect to the girls; please, I was there. But who would say anything to him? He was the king. Just like Mel Kaminsky says, ‘It’s good to be king.’ You really have no idea until it’s you with the crown on. These cheerleader girls run to you and leave the quarterback on the sidelines. The best of the world is thrust at you – why should you deny them their sense of charity?”

“But listen, I am getting off topic here. I have given the humans free will. You are free to make any choice you want. You can cross the street without looking or you can look both ways ten times, its your choice. You can help people or you can knock them down the stairs. You can take the easy road or you can stay true to yourself and walk among pebbles and stones. It’s a free world. Maybe it was a mistake giving free will; but I created them in My own image how can I turn them into robots? How can I create a people to just be told to do something and not have a choice in the matter? What good is that?”

“How was I to know that all these maniacs would start to rape, slaughter and enslave? How was I to know they would shout out my name and blow themselves up?”

“What people don’t understand is that the story of Job was an allegory, I never made a bet with the devil. The devil doesn’t exist in reality. The devil is within and around everyone in the world. The devil is the evil inclination that entices humans to eat that proverbial ‘apple.’ Do I have an evil inclination? No I do not, that is not who I am. I am not a human with emotions, I am not a vulcan either – I am a spirit that is omnipotent.”

“They call me a jealous God, I laugh at that one. Again, jealousy is a human response to a fear of losing someone or something. I do not get jealous, I have no fear, I am not human, no offense.”

“I tell you to worship only Me not for my own self; it’s for you to not have multiple gods for every event. Knowing there is one God to pray for rain, sun, money, health, happiness etc. is much simpler than pulling an Elvis and wearing a symbol for each deity.”

“One God, no symbols just faith. Its simple. But no, people have to wear a special hat or shirt to a sporting event, or they wear amulets in the shape of hands, eyes or crystals. A red string and other made up stuff that I strictly forbid for your own good. What happens if you rely on that string, hand or eye and all of a sudden you can’t find it? So I said specifically, “Do not With Me, I am everywhere.

“I hear each prayer, cry and expressions of gratitude; in a temple or in a Arab shouk. Spoken by anyone with a sincere voice – without looking for future rewards. I love people of all religions, colors, etc; you are all my children and whether you like it or not, you are all one family. But I also see the bad intentions and the pretentious prayers; the screaming of My name just before destruction. Those who hurt others to advance their agenda or their personal gain, they have no place in eternity.”

“In closing, you want to make this world a better place? Be less selfish and more selfless, more giving and less talking, more thanking and less asking. I know that the world with free will is complicated. But once you learn to be accountable for your own actions, your own decisions; that is when the world will begin to make more sense. It’s not always a fair place and a lot of stuff happens that you truly have no control over. That is the hardest part for Me. But there is a reason and a plan down the road; you are not capable at this point to understand that completely. But there will come a time.”

“In the meantime, blame me if you must, but once you learn to take responsibility for the decisions you have made in the world, that is when you will reach the next level of understanding. Be careful with the power you are given; the power to write, speak or express yourself. People are not as strong as they may seem. Do not do to others what you would not want done unto yourself. Follow that simple law – it may not stop others from hurting you to advance themselves, but change has to start somewhere.”

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