Freddy Zalta

Poetry, Love and Coffee – A cocktail of a life in progress.

Short Stories

Life of a Salesman Chapters 1-7

Freddy has been selling himself for his whole life. First to his mother, who loved him but didn’t like him at all. Then to his customers as he made the rounds trying to sell battered merchandise and then to employers and to giant retail outlets.
His wife bought the sale and then asked for a refund in the name of Anthony.
His kids were born into it and barely have any relationship with him as he is traveling 52 weeks a year.
It all comes to a boiling point when a sale that would have cemented him as a legend in the industry and in his home – is stolen by his supervisor.
Follow him as the trail leads from a “I am mad as hell moment” to a full throttle revolution.

Novel due in Summer 2016 

The Pianist – Lives that should have been

He was born to play the ivory keys. His mother was a classical pianist and when he was an infant crying – she would put him in his playpen and play Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven and of course, Mozart. His mother, Bertha, was born in Hungary in 1924. Trained in the National Hungarian Royal Franz Liszt Academy from the age of 10 years old, she was labeled a “prodigy.” At the age of 14, now labeled as a “Jew,” she boarded a Ship to New York City to escape the growing anti-semitism and the pro-Nazi atmosphere.

The Thief of Dignity

“Time is the thief of dignity even the richest man in the world cannot avoid.”
“I am gonna find it again, Evvie, going to find that morsel of pride that I once carried with me. After the war, after the children came along and quickly left this place. It was you and I and here we are again, but the clouds are forming, we should head inside.”
“I am fine here – I don’t smell no breadth of a storm and I can handle the drizzle.”
“Suit yourself.”

The Myths We Follow

Freedom in all its different shades and colors is the basic right of all living beings. The freedom to taste whatever apple or fruit we chose. Freedom to choose our God’s or to not choose at all, freedom to love whomever we felt a connection to and the freedom to build a home wherever we chose. Freedoms…the denying of freedoms for the billions (trillions?) of souls that have lived since those days when “the snake made me do it,” is tantamount to murder. Without freedom, what is a life?

The Diner – The Story about Brenda and Eddie

As Brenda walked alone towards the restroom she recognized several faces, they seemed to have aged a lot. When she washed her hands and caught a glimpse of her image in the mirror above the sink. She half-expected to see herself at the age of 17 or so – when she saw her 43 year old face looking right back at her.

She had noticed the aging on Daisy and the other graduates – she saw the weight gain, the varicose veins, the over made-up faces caked with what they hoped would be reverse aging powder. She still saw herself as 18 years old, still looked at the world the same way only with a lot more knowledge. When she actually thought to herself that she is really 43 years old – it hit her for the first time. 

As she walked out she, of course, walked literally right into Eddie. Of course she would, fate has a way of peeking itself in and out of peoples lives at the peek of their vulnerability.



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