The first days of spring we witness the rebirth of all thinhgs given up for dead. The afternoon gloom begins to give way for sunlight and the windows once sealed shut – now are pulled open to welcome in the fresh winds of change and renewal. The branches which just the other morning was seemingly dead and statuesque – now are blossoming with all colors green.
The old man trapped inside his apartment through these past long cold months – walks slowly up the park just to have a glimpse of a life that once was. The old ladies are congregating, reading newspapers or magazines and speculating on the weather – if it indeed has taken on the sun and warmth as a new companion. Gone are the blackened snow and ice – like scars on the battle weary -healed by the fountains of life and love. The children play, the newly introduced fall in love and the ailing begin to heal.
Strangers begin the dance of acknowledgment and understanding to the tune of the birds singing on the blossoming branches. Feelings that were numbed or imprisoned by the safety of the four walls – now begin to ache and yearn – pounding on the door like a heart brought back to life.
As the young man tosses his coins and wishes into the fountain of life and love – knowing all along its a fools game – but hoping deep inside that someone is listening to his cries and wishes.