The night comes falling with a soft breeze, stars and a full moon. Young girl is walkin’ with dreams of love and forever. The colors surround her – shades of blue, black and white – and the soft breeze blows.
Standing on the boardwalk just under a street lamp, looking across the sand towards the darkness of the atlantic – with specs of life in the shape of an open heart. He senses a change but cannot put a finger on it and the soft breeze blows.
Older man sings a song, “Fire and Rain” with an empty hat beside him. Young man walks over guitar in hand and plays to the rhythm of the older mans singing.
Train passes by overhead as the stops his song, picks up his empty hat and fades away – the young man keeps playing…
The last train pulls into the station and they all get on – next stop is forever as a soft breeze begins to blow the doors close and the train departs the station.