I am a Jewish man with Sephardic roots. I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York and attended Yeshiva all of my life. We lived in a nice neighborhood where the ethnic mix was Jewish, Italian and Irish.

When I would walk home from school I would almost always be taunted because I was wearing my kippah. I wasn’t one to wear it all the time – but coming back from school a lot of times I would leave it on my head. At first it was out of forgetfulness; but once I began being cursed at and taunted by the Italian guys on the corner of East 2nd and Kings Highway – I began to wear it just to show them that they could not scare me into hiding who I was.

There were a couple of times when I lost my temper and shouted something back at them or raised my finger in defiance. I was outnumbered maybe 4 to 1 or more – but I didn’t care. I had no desire to give in nor any reason whatsoever to hide my true identity out of fear. If anything their taunts inspired me to keep on walking the same route and to make sure I kept the kippah on my head – I would never back down to anyone because of who I am. I have always possessed a strong confidence that if people did not like me for whom I am – then they were not worth my energy or time. With the Italians I did end up with one or two black eyes and a bloody nose – but I wore those with pride; internally knowing that I stayed true to whom I was and wore no disguise.

I watch cable news programs, read newspapers and websites mostly with disgust as another Liberal Jewish (LibYid) mouthpiece derides Israel and their right to defend themselves either in response to an attack or preemptively to avoid one.

I believe in love, life and peace among people. But they must be sincere and not just expressed in one language but all languages. You can’t preach love and peace and then send suicide bombers targeted at innocent civilians. You can’t sit in the Rose Garden with the “Appeaser in Chief” sipping coffee and saying all the right words in English – while picking on the phone and ordering a hit on city buses and public squares in their native language.

Israel covers just over eight thousand miles or so – roughly the size of New Jersey – and is surrounded by enemies who seek not peace – but destruction.

Do Jews have to be sorry for living in the Jewish Homeland? No apologies. It is the “Jewish Homeland” and Jerusalem is the Capital of the Jewish people. No apologies.

The United States has been trying to force democracy and freedom on peoples who are still lost in the stone ages; where women are inferior and non-believers should be stoned to death. You cannot force democracy and freedom on people whose belief system is predicated on hatred and rejection of anyone who dares to think different or not believe in their version of God. But that’s not important for the LibYid.

The Lib Yids fly to give Khadafy and Arafat a hug – just like the typecast Jew tries to fit into the Tennis Club and hit on the blonde girls hitting the balls over the nets one by one.

Lib Yids need to be accepted and loved – they cleanse themselves of they circumcise their noses, avoid circumcising their children because they are told by their “friends” it is inhumane.

They reject Israel’s responses to terror as disproportionate to the crimes. What? Disproportionate? How can you put a number on a life? You mean to tell me that if Israel is attacked they should first weigh the response and then attack so they are equal on the scales of justice? They can never be equal on the scales of justice. Who’s justice is being referred to?

On the actual scales of justice there is no place for hatred. Israel has the right and the responsibility to hunt down the people responsible for the deaths or the planning of any future murders.

I don’t believe in an eye for an eye – I believe if they take out our eye we go after their whole body so they won’t be around to take out our other eye.

Anyone who is ashamed of being who they are is a cancer to the group they belong to. They will only deny, betray and try and scrape away any semblance to their true selves. Their actions can cause extreme detriment to innocent members of that group.

They are photographed and documented as they kiss the enemies and try to win their love with gold, flesh and appeasement. Only to be left open jawed and in shock when they are denied membership into the new golf club in their hometown in New Jersey.

We must not do unto others what we would not want done unto ourselves.

We must stand up for good and destroy evil – We must protect our children, our loved ones and all who choose good over evil.