They come in with guns blazing; they come in with bombs strapped to their body – is the hatred born with them like the DNA which chooses the color of their eyes, their skin? They cast about death as if it’s a clay target range – but they are destroyers of worlds within worlds.
The worlds within each person that is killed – the loved ones they leave behind, the car left running with their morning coffee and the radio on. The clothing left hanging in the closets – the posters on the walls. The exams left unwritten upon on their desks in school, the sale they were about to close at work – the kiss goodbye they forgot to give that morning – that mourning…
Savages are raised and taught to kill and to hate – are they born with that instinct? Does God impart with them the inborn hatred and will to want to spill blood, cause tears and destroy worlds within worlds?
School children now in fear to go to school.
Parents now in fear to even say goodbye.
School texts unread to be left unread forever.
Shots fired by hatred and hatred bred can cause destruction. Can you hear this mother crying? Does it make you proud to know you have destroyed her worlds?
We read about these murders, see the images on TV and online. Innocent strangers killed for no other reason than for living. Where are these calls to kill born? Who are the teachers and the inspirations for these cowards who seek the innocent and destroy worlds within worlds? How do we combat this hatred, this anger? Appeasement? Acquiesce? How can we ever speak or cede to people who only seek destruction and destroy worlds within worlds?
Hatred should be hated – not ceded to.
Hatred should be obliterated – not celebrated.
Senseless murders should be mourned – not called heroic or Martyrdom.
Some say education is the answer – and I agree.
Where do we begin to teach or to unteach if the children cannot even go to school and feel safe and secure?
Evil must be obliterated – the guilty must be punished for their crimes. The destroyers of worlds within worlds must be destroyed.