As I boarded the plane from Kennedy Airport I was attended to by a very pretty flight attendant named Molly. She had short curly dark brown hair, big brown eyes and full lips. When she smiled two dimples were revealed on each side of her mouth and she smiled often. She accompanied me as I walked through the gangway into the plane and showed me to my seat and smiled at me when she buckled my seatbelt. I was the first one on the plane which was not due to board for another 10 minutes or so.

“Let me do this for you,” she looked straight into my eyes, “when we are up in the air perhaps we can chat a little?” Dimples revealed and my manhood expanded.

“Yes, I would love to.”

“OK then, got to go do my job – speak to you at 30 thousand.” She winked and shook up the aisle towards the exit.

There was a sense of degradation in being allowed to board the plane before the rest of the passengers. I know that its kind of a luxury but something about being spoken to by the flight attendant like I am child or a sad case bugs me.

The seat next to me was taken by an elderly Asian lady who kept speaking to her male companion in a very loud volume while craning her neck directly in front of my face. Finally the lady seated next to the man said she would switch seats with the old lady. When she stood I saw she was not a lady but a girl who was around my age. Pretty too.

“Hey, thank you so much…if I had to go through the whole flight with her -”

“I dont mean to sound rude but I really need to focus on this test I have tomorrow.”

“No problem.”

The Captain spoke, the flight attendants told us how to put the oxygen mask on and all about the life vest. (Like if the plane crashes we are going to survive and need the life vests.)

We began to taxi and then we began to go really fast and suddenly we were airborne.

The flight attendants served drinks and other stuff – I slept right through it and woke up when I felt a poke.

“Hey come to the galley I will buy you a drink.” It was the flight attendant. “Ok meet you there.” What the hell, what else is there to do?

Molly poured me a cup of coffee and we began to speak.  She was from Lafayette, Louisiana. She was currently living in Chicago close to the airline’s hub at O’hare.
“I had a boyfriend but it didn’t work out – he wanted me to stop working and have babies – I am not interested. I finally got a steady route – I was on reserve status for two years – which means you only work when they call you and that can be a last second gig.”

“So they don’t give you advance notice?”

“Not when you first start – but now I have the benefits and a regular gig.”

“And your boyfriend doesn’t like that?”

“He is scared of flying and each time I fly he expects the plane to crash.”

“Wow that must be a fun relationship.”

“Its fine when I go home because he is always amazed that I lived and he cooks me dinner, buys flowers and we have fun. But then when its time for me to leave, he shakes and gets panic attacks.”

“Ok, I repeat my last comment, ‘wow that must be a fun relationship.'”

“Its ok – the best part is our ‘arrangement.’ You know?”

“Arrangement?” I asked her.

“Well we are free to do what and whom we want when we are separate.”

I felt a swelling and I suddenly got sweaty.

“Oh I see…sounds like good arrangement.”  I smiled.

“Yeah, well, when I was told to take care of you I was put off. But then I saw you and, well, you’re hot.”

“Hot? Me? thats one description I have never heard about myself.”

“Come with me for a second, want to show you something.”

The plane shook – I opened my eyes and I was in my seat.

“You were squirming in your sleep. Nightmare?” The pretty girl asked me.

“Um, no, just a dream. Sorry if I interrupted your studying.”

“I am sorry i was so rude – I am trying to pass this stupid class and its driving me crazy, plus I hate flying. My name is Julianne, by the way.” Her eyes were really expressive, her hair was in a ponytail, burnt blonde and her skin was light. On her ears she had turquoise earrings hanging high and she was wearing a white button down collared shirt.

“My name is Tony – what subject are you having issues with?”

We spoke for the rest of the flight, which was about 2 hours or so. She was having problems with her Greek course,  Plato and Thucydides. Where they compare the different philosophies between the two. I always liked Greek philosophy but was more enamored of Homer’s Odyssey.

In any case – she was unaware of my handicap, when I stood to walk the aisle to the exit I could sense her shock. Or maybe I had anticipated it – in any case…

“Here is my cell phone number – should you need any help with Greek Philosophy or anything else – give me a call. I wont charge you more than a cup of coffee or something.” I smiled and she smiled.

“Thank you Tony, I will definetly let you know how I do in this class. Where are you going, anyway?”

“Stanford U – and I cant believe we had the flight and we dont even know where we are headed.”

“I am at Stanford – that is amazing. I’ll give you a ride, my boyfriend is picking me up.”

And just like that I wanted to fall back asleep and hang out with Molly the flight attendant.