Once again we are faced with the senseless death of innocents. Teenagers being teenagers in a land that is their home, the home of their ancestors.

Three boys looking forward to a weekend were stolen. Taken away from a world that seems to be upside down. Where girls are raped and then put on trial only to be hanged. Where students go to school only to be taught the cruelest lesson of all. No one is safe.

In Israel there is more to it then just the random acts of violence. For Israel there is hatred against the rightful dwellers of the land. Muslims with no sense of value for life shoot, bomb or send rockets to kill.

Hatred and the need for Jewish blood is taught while the child is in the womb – do they understand that each life they have stolen is directly connected to hundreds of other lives, indirectly connected to millions more? They are disenfranchised, unwanted, noneducational purveyors of evil with agendas to kill and kill. To kill and be killed for the gratitude of their god (left uncapitalized on purpose).

There is no room for empathy, for love and acceptance within these morally retarded civilizations. Democracy and freedom should not apply to their cultures because democracy and freedom is reserved for the educated with the focused morality and sense of the value of life.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, leaders of the world stand up and state their condolences. They sit down and write their checks to Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood – out of what? Fear? Hope that money can buy them love?

Only education from within these morally perverted cultures can destroy the cultures of hatred and death. Today its Jews, tomorrow it will be Buddhists then the other 4000 or so religions.

Set an example Mr. President, Mr. or Ms. Prime Ministers or Kings and Queens. Stand up and do something because before you know it – the bombs, the rockets and the bullets will be knocking down your door. Before you know it you will be lighting candles for the lives stolen within your own house.