On a porch somewhere in New Jersey there is a rocking chair that sits alone. There is a half empty cup of coffee, a folded up newspaper and an ashtray with several used cigarettes and ashes.
On the porch there is also a swing with a bench on it, a table clear but for some fallen leaves and a lost post from an earring.
As you walk through the front door it creeks open and then slams shut. There is a lone rose, white, on the floor begging for attention or a glass of water.

The floor is dark brown wood and with each step taken there is a sound of wood cracking and squeaking. As one walks further they will see a living room with a large L shaped fabric couch. A child of around 4 or 5 is playing on the floor with some sort of large plastic puzzle. His mother is on the lower L shape of the couch feeding a newborn while the clock strikes and rings “6 O’clock.”

There is a large spiral staircase which leads to a second floor with four bedrooms. The staircase continues towards a third floor which is setup as an atrium. Green plants, flowers and a glass ceiling. Around that third floor there is a wraparound porch.

The night before there was a party for the mothers sister in law. There was music, food and dancing. There were flowers and strangers befriending each other.
Danielle met David that night and they spoke while sitting on that third floor wraparound porch. It was a chilly evening for August and he had taken off his sports coat for her to wear.
A slow song came on and he pulled her up to dance. They danced to the song which they had not heard before and ended the dance with a kiss. A kiss after a dance can sometimes amass into a messy pile of love. When she lifted her sweater from her she felt her earring pulled apart and the quiet silent sound of a post falling. She put the earring down on a table and wrapped her arms around David as a breeze blew some leaves from the trees that stood tall, taller than the house even.
An afterglow shone as he pulled a white rose from a vase and placed it in her hand.
She smiled and felt as if the wine, the music and his eyes had caused her to lose her sense of balance.
He gave her his number and asked her for hers.
They raised another glass and she was called to leave. She smiled and as she walked out the door she felt the rose fall to the floor.