Somewhere they are singing a song,
One O One…
(Happy Birthday…)
Somewhere you are with your Pop and your Mom,
Bootleg Arak in the bathtub, a baseball game being played…

Once there was 44 Essex Street, in the end there was your Kings Highway.
Sitting by the window and blessing all who passed…a wave, a smile and a greeting to all.

Somewhere they are raising a glass and singing Jolson songs…
One O One…
(Happy Birthday…)

This world is short on kindness and we can use some more love down here. Can you sense the pain we feel?
Send down some hope and send down some love.
Let it rain smiles and make all the good dreams come true.

So many questions, so many emotions, voids, holes and empty hearts…
(Up in the Morning…)
Remember how you would sing that song?
So many memories, admirations and adorations for the life you lived.
One day we will see you again, one day I will feel the warmth and love from your eyes when you see me walk in a room.
One day we will walk together and find our way back home…holding your hand as we stop and say hello to all your friends.
One O One.
(Happy Birthday…)

On this special day, this 19th day of June, I can feel you surrounding me and I can hear you humming a tune…

Good Lord, up above, can’t you know I’m cryin’
Tears all in my eyes?
Send down that cloud with a silver linin’
Lift me to Paradise

Show me that river, take me across
And wash all my troubles away
Like that lucky old sun, give me nothin’ to do
But roll around Heaven all day.*

Happy Birthday, Pop…