Long time ago, our whole lives speeding by at a million miles an hour, we never stopped to check out the beauty that surrounded us. Thirty years goes by and 21 turns to 51 and still the world is out of focus, yet better defined. Love is the answer, it always was, lost in a mountain of unpaid bills and broken dreams, we thought we had forever.
Life is beautiful, if crazy and stressful, look around and focus, stop and see the beauty, it’s everywhere. It really is. In the lady with a wagon filled with recycled bottles. It’s unbroken faith that’s coupled with hard work and determination to provide. Look around at the rose on the floor, it may look like trash now, but it once expressed love and gratitude from one to another. Selfless living with a teaspoon of selfishness is what keeps the Earth spinning. If we are not for ourselves how can we be for others with sincerity? Within us all is our true self who is waiting to break free, if only with whispers and quiet dances. In the moonlight we dream that one day that coward inside of us will take the key and unlock the door, step out and sing his song. Write his words, paint his masterpiece, throw humor to the saddened. Time is fleeing, running towards an ending unknown. Live for today.