Silent scream in the dark, a cigarette extinguished, a fun moon hangs on the ceiling with billions of stars. We are not alone, we are not alone.
A birthday card, a broken pencil and a stamp on an envelope with no address. A deserted beach, a cape, an inlet to a deserted time. A phone rings, a letter delivered and a silent scream. A silent scream.
A prayer, lost, betrayal of desires, her lips, her hair, a cigarette still lit yet fading, trees left alone, tire swing on the floor. Do you remember? Can you see us back then, hand in hand? Acting dialog, old City kisses and forbidden laughter. I made you laugh, I could always make you laugh. Whispers, singing to you from outside your window, I can still see your silhouette, long hair and the shape of you, as I sang “into my arms” to you from that swinging tire, the wind blowing cold, a bare tree and faded greens on the floor. A whisper, a song, a kiss, goodbye.