Released, set free, give me that key… Cell doors open, clouds are clearing and the sun is shining once again.
The lake is cold, almost iced. The fishing boats are moored or placed on dry land. On dry land…
Where we played as children, I stand as an older man.
Where we once ran, I walk across the bridge and I stand, overlooking the water, the ice and the memories are frozen in time.
In the shadows I see Emily and myself, holding hands walking up that hill.
In the shadows I see my friends and I sitting in the grass, laughing…
I search among the shadows created by a bright light, I remember those promises we made. I hide within the shadows thinking of those lies we once told. About Independence from the enforced thought processes. Father’s and mother’s fear fueled panic trying to protect us from a life of consequences.
Dark nights lit up by a full moon, reflections off the lake, a symmetry of darkness and light. Separated by sporadic clouds blown in by the icy wind, then blown away in it’s time.
Released, set free, where are we now? Where has it all gone? Cell phones ringing, clouds in my coffee and the sun is setting above the elevated platform on Mcdonald avenue in Brooklyn.
The lake has dried up, there’s a condo there now. Deserted cars, stripped for any part that can be sold, left tireless and rusted.
On dry land… We walk as older men, older women and we keep on walking to avoid any pause. In the shadows I see an old friend and she looks at me with a smile. A quick wave and she closes the door behind her.
We once held hands, even embraced each time we’d see each other; on the bridge, on the street or anywhere.
I search within and I find an old spark of life, tomorrow will be here soon and I am ready…
For the sun, for the moon, for the sweet endings and for the nerve ending beginnings.
Step on the gas, drink a cup of coffee and remember.