Where are you tonight?
Please turn back the clock so we can set this world right.
Where were you last night?
When the fires of faith destroyed all that was sacred?

We pray, we believe and we fall into your arms; footsteps in the sand, disappear so quickly yet we still believe you are carrying us just when we need you to.

Answers to these questions – we draw blanks and fill them up with excuses to free you from any blame, any responsibility for the pain that will live on forever.

We believe because it is engrained within us – we believe in you – the omnipotent, timeless, who’s flame is eternal.

But where were you last night?
After the blessings were made, the songs were sung and the happiness digested in your name?
Please turn back the clock and make this right again.

In a world with so much sadness, madness and pain – we look to you for guidance to set us on our feet again. We need you…we need you to put out the fires, dampen the fuse, ease the pain and to help love reign again.

You have your reasons, we can never understand…Yet, we believe your eternal flame will save us just as the flames atop of the menorahs will enlighten us, just as the chariots of fire will bring redemption and light to a world of ashes and darkness.

Miraculous occurrences dampened by the tears cried – save us, save us from ourselves.
In this time of instant change, we wait patiently for your salvation – we wait patiently for your salvation…