I didn’t want to kill him. Well, let me rephrase that.

Deep down inside I wanted to kill him, but knowing what the consequences would be if I did kill him, I held myself back.

It was that condescending voice, that booming anger building in up inside of him that would send out the first warning that an eruption was coming.

It begins with an exhale and a look away. Pursing of the lips and then the lava begins to flow over. The shaking of the land, like the clapping of the hands brings on an eruption that is catastrophic to all the living who dare to try and survive.

A beautiful mountain, but the smoke is always there – sometimes invisible but the aroma of the brimstone reveals its existence. Just because something seems so beautiful doesn’t always define its true nature.

That gold up on the hill – its filled with lava which will imprison you to the flow of the fire forever.

Ain’t no turning back…

So, its not like I wanted to kill him, its just that I needed to.

Deep down inside everyone wanted to do it, I just lost my cool and let it all out at one time.

Now I am imprisoned by these walls and these bars – but somehow I feel free for the first time in a long time.