We have failed.
My generation have failed to improve the world.
We have made it worse.
Growing up we went to school feeling safe. Maybe not from the cliques or the ridicule which can debilitate a person. But the last thing we ever thought about was a shooting.

There were the bullies, the outcasts and the darkened souls.
They were mostly cowards hiding behind angry faces, words and fighting to compensate for their social shortcomings or insecurities.

We were told to ignore them.
We learned to ignore them.
“Turn the other cheek. “
“Make love not war.”
“He’s a loser and he is jealous of you – let it go.”

The bullies, the outcasts and the darkened souls have graduated.
Instead of the schoolyard during lunch, or after school, they walk the halls with automatic rifles or semi-automatic rifles – which are military grade. They shoot randomly or perhaps they shoot at the students who dared ignore them.

The bullies, the outcasts and the darkened souls are glorified with pictures of them along with biographies and the spread of their hatred throughout the world – forever etched into history.

Accusations of “Mental Illness” are cast as if that is the reasoning for the actions.
In the United States over 48 million people suffer from mental illness. Are they all carrying AR-5’s and shooting up the hallways or concert halls?

The NRA members and the ones who will post long social media diatribes on the importance of the second amendment. The second amendment never meant for the citizens to be equipped with assault weapons that could kill 50 people in 50 seconds.

There is no safety in the classrooms, in concert halls, theaters or on the streets. Planes, trains, automobiles, knives, guns and bombs – among the latest weapons of choice in this world.

We have failed to provide a safe environment for our children.
We must stop to point fingers at the government, the NRA, the Mental Health industry or the parents of the murderers.
Point the fingers at ourselves – we have failed.

We must do better.
We must do better.