Where do I go from here? They say the only way is up, but I cannot find the way.

Where do I go from here? I’d take the stairs but the door is locked and I cannot find the key.

The world is full of beauty and the universe is filled with infinite life as well. So why do I find myself lost at the bottom of this empty well?

I once had a voice, I once had a plan. Why I listened to their lies, I will never understand.

Tell me, where do I go from here? Empty prayers to an empty space which needs to be believed to seemingly exist. Can you hear my crying? Can you feel my pain?

I have taken the road I followed, filled with truth and no lies. So why do I find myself trailing behind, the liars and the theives?

Tell me, show me, give me some reason to understand just why this bucket is dry when the well should be filled to the top?

My dreams may have cost me my realities, my realities have destroyed my dreams. Though the sky is blue it is not as blue as it seems.

Black clouds hover, pellets of rain slamming down. When will this be over, when will I wear my crown?

So tell me…

Where do I go from here? Do I jump on that train or should I walk upon the tracks?

Where do I go from here?