I see her – from across the floor which is littered with pretenders, dancers and pollution caused by the sounds of false laughter and false bravado.

There is recorded music playing, catapulting partners switching clothing and shoes, social butterflies fluttering around the room – so transparently. The singer is a Sinatra impersonator, who dresses and looks the part all too well – causing one to wonder if he even remembers his own name?

I see her – through the stained glass air which separates us and she is smiling…images etched onto the air in colors blue, red and green, I see her still and I can sense her desire…

Not quite Sinatra is singing about a “Summer Wind” on this cold March evening as the wannabe dancers sip another cheap glass of champagne declaring a toast to what might have been.

I find my way across the room towards the glow of her smile, the warmth of her embrace and the invigorating feeling I get by just standing beside her. She is naturally and truly beautiful – I am lost as I memorize her and I do my own etching of her image upon my heart, my soul.

The world is filled with so much artificial plastic, fakery, fictional stories disguised as truth and nothing but the truth. Does anyone hold truth sacred anymore?

I can get lost in my failures and the failures of the ones I once followed – but once I see her smile, I feel her touch, I sense her love…I am set apart from this trashcan existence and I am thrust upwards towards the warmth of the sun, the reality of the sky and the truth of her love.