They champion patriotism and adhere to the xenophobic priests and leaders. They stand at the pulpit and preach hatred. They point towards the weak, the hungry and condemn their place among the patriots of a soulless community.
They are the wrestlers of morality –  stealing any sense of dignity, clothing or shelter. These are the bottom feeders of society walking with a five thousand dollar suits and their names on the stalls in the restrooms, inside the cathedral of prejudice. 

They raise their voices – they shake their fists and the condemn immorality. They are the judges in a courtroom filled with sacrificial virgins, stolen or counterfeited dollar bills buy repentance and forgiveness.

In this world you find yourself – lost. Lost in a body of water, on a rowboat in a storm, with no oars and no cover – gators all around and bloodsuckers just waiting for you to just try and swim to safety.  

They call you, “them” or “those people” and they blame you for the hurricanes and the snowfall. 

They congregate in hundred million dollar temples filled false piety, false gods and self-serving prayers. Hatred is a uniter for them – because hatred is a defensive response to fear and aren’t we all scared about losing everything we have? 

The wrestlers of morality treat other human beings as if they are products to be purchased, used and discarded. 

Imagine guests in your home are starving – do you send them out or do you offer them some kind of sustenance? Does it matter the color of their skin or the language they speak? Should it? 

There is no way to end this essay other than to hope that somehow, humanity will prevail. It must.