The fear of unhappiness, the fear of being hurt stops us from being true to ourselves. 

Truth, inner truth is the key to your freedom.

We all have someone inside of us we dare not reveal in full, for fear of being judged.

Exposing ourselves, revealing ourselves can be an extremely scary feeling. But suppressing those wants and desires, I believe can have even more devastating effects.

Within each human being there is the true self; the core of the soul who is in need of bursting out. Its not so simple to break free from the person that you have been told to be. 

Some may never even realize those needs and emotions are shaking and struggling to get out. Then one day they begin to feel the shakes, they will be struggling to understand what is causing it. They will blame it on things that might seem more tangible to them and call them, “anxieties or depression.”

Anxiety and depression are caused by our inability to accept our true selves. We try and be the person we feel everyone wants us to be. We do this as a need to be loved, accepted and admired. But none of that matters if we do not love, accept and admire ourselves first.

Its the famous Genie in the bottle. You see it in the distance, you pick it up and its vibrating. There is a sound as if its about to burst open. So you open the top and you set him free. Once you set him free he can grant you your three most cherished wishes. Your three most cherished truths of who you are. What we must realize is that we are our own genie who can grant ourselves anything we want.

Happiness is truth; being true to yourself and those around you. If you lie and pretend to be someone else  you will never be Not putting up facades to hide your true needs, wants, without labeling them “successes or failures.”

Not to sound like a cliche but a life with no failures is a life unlived.

Safety is a lie which keeps you from taking chances which 99 times out of 100 will fail.

Someone who lives a life hiding from the world will come up with thousands of rational excuses and reasons for their choices. They point fingers, have tantrums and have trouble sleeping because they are lying to themselves – the genie needs to come out.

They say a barking dog is a frightened dog who barks to protect themselves.

A person who fears life will never learn to be at peace – they will be lost in a cycle of anger, hatred and unease until their true selves are set free.