A man once told me that life is a “circular dash.” When I asked him to clarify himself he explained it to me.

“Each day we wake up in the morning and do not even feel the gratitude we should feel. Instead we run to distract ourselves from any feelings we may have. We read the paper, drink coffee or rush to get to work as soon as possible. We then rush to finish tasks as quickly as possible while also striving for perfection. When we do not hit that perfect mark – which can be exceedingly impossible when we are too young or as we get older – we become frustrated.”

“We arrive home, we run to the table to eat and we eat without thinking, without gratitude and without even tasting the delicacy of the food. Maybe we exchange some words with loved ones while not appreciating in full the blessings they provide. We speak while distracted by screens of all sizes. We fall asleep on the couch or somehow make it to our room.”

“Before you know it the days have turned into weeks, months and years. One day you look in the mirror and the scars of running, striving for the impossible and the frustrations of reality are shining in neon on your face. You have been in a 25 year dash and you haven’t even remembered to be thankful for all the beauty this world has to offer. Instead you fret and your shake. Bills to pay and trips to take. Nowhere to run nowhere to hide – you find yourself in your bed in your room in somebody else’s house and you wonder where and when did it all go wrong. Then you wake up and you do it all again – the circular dash.”

I looked at him and I asked him, “Are you ok?”

He looks at me, smiles and says, “It’s a circular dash, kid.”

We all possess the power to change the world at any given moment. From the little child to the oldest of human beings – we all have the power. You can spend life going round and round in a circular dash; or you can use the power you have been give and choose a path you want to explore. Specifically, what is you ultimate goal in life?

What are you striving for?

When the day comes and the end jumps out at you – will you be able to say to yourself that you lived the way you chose to live?

We get caught up in these rat races, extra innings of badgering and hitting brick walls, self-doubt and uncertainty. We feel disempowered by reality and all the things we can never have or acheive. So much so that we forget just how much we do have.

Why don’t we ever look around and feel empowered for all that we have achieved?

Is it because we have lived our lives based on other people’s belief systems?

Is it because while time and life was passing us by we chose the path of the masses?

By shirking off our individuality we are shirking off any sense of self accomplishment and we will find ourselves in some dark places.

I know I have personally been down some dark roads in life and the sun is still shaded by the walls I have put up for protection.

It’s up to us to empower ourselves.

We must learn to define ourselves and what we wish to achieve.

We must learn to realize when it’s time for us to make the change we find so difficult. We have the power – each of us – to decide what, when and where.

Yes there will be consequences and the world will all condemn and ridicule you – so big deal. I have been ridiculed, lied to and cheated on by the ones I once held in the highest esteem. You get over it and you learn to rise above that noise. The prize is the appreciation you feel when you are exalted and treasured by the ones who matter most.

Empower yourself and take a stand against this circular dash that erases time and energy from your lives.

Gratitude and acceptance of your true self is the first step.

Can you do it?