Temperature is falling, slowly from around 64 through the 50s and expected to fall as low as 42. The sun is still shining but there is a heavy breeze blowing and the clouds are beginning to congregate above the little city called New York.

I was born here, I’ll probably die here, I just hope I am able to live here, in between.

The bridges are hidden in the misty fog, as the horns blow and the traffic comes to a stop.

Five hours until the midnight hour, when the moon will be gliding across the night sky, as it readies for a long goodbye.

Five hours until time will be forgotten and all will be forgiven and the clocks will no longer exist.

The sun is gone forever, as the night will come to a close, say goodbye to the Good Earth, say goodbye to the historical beauty, say goodbye to the future we could have shared.

Say goodbye to the loneliness we created and craved, say goodbye to the walls who were once our only friends.

If God is just a concept, to keep us from decaying in the ground, than the ending is forever and no more stories will be found.

Old man sitting on porch, a older guitar in his grasp. Lemonade to his left and his woman to his right. Goodnight.

Good night good night, sweet rock n roll poet, good night to all those rhymes.

Car speeding down the highway, motorcycle right behind.

Love is all you need, don’t be fooled. Love is forever just like that shivering moon. Even when you think it’s gone it’s always around and can always be found, before and after the midnight hour.

When the cold wind blows and there is no one home to care.

Close your eyes and dream, it will always be there. In your thoughts, in your minds and in your dreams.