It was always Ginger.

Mary Ann was the brainy beautiful assistant to the Professor. She had a way about her that was part best friend and part sexy. A drinking buddy for sure and a dance partner no doubt.

For years we chose Mary Ann as the one we loved, but deep inside we knew, it was Ginger. She had that silken voice, tanned skin and those soft eyes. Look at her in a picture and there is no denying she was the “movie star.”

She made us laugh, wore skimpy clothes and and spoke in a soft sexy voice. Oh to be on a deserted island with her..what were the men thinking?

Gilligan, the Millionaire, the Professor and the Skipper – sure none of them could measure up to her physically – but you are on a deserted island for god sakes.

Gilligan had his chances and the skipper tried his best to woo the starlet but just wasn’t up for the challenge.

In real life – Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) received twice the amount of fan mail then Ginger (Tina Louise) during the run of the show. How can that be? Was it the seemingly intelligence factor that enticed men or was it the girl next door, down to earth perkiness which endeared her most to fans?

I don’t know – looking back now as a 52 year old man I can see some of my own lack of confidence in my choice of Mary Ann. Mary Ann was attainable while Ginger was a fantasy which I simply had no right to pursue.

Or perhaps it is my turning 52 years old which propels me in the direction of the unattainable? At my age who wants a Mary Ann when you can have a Ginger?

Mary Ann, while beautiful in her own right, was easy to speak to and could bake a mean pie. She did have her sexiness as well but Ginger is spicy while Mary Ann is sweet as a blueberry pie.

        But there is something about Ginger…