If life wasn’t so difficult there would be no poetry or art of any kind. Just as if life was not so rhythmic it would be dark and terrifying.
Freddy Zalta 8/22/2018

When the light goes out, it’s hard to find a flame. Torches have been stored and matches have been under water. There is no light, the moon is off duty and the sun has yet to shine.
There is no light until the morning… When the earth will spin and once again face the sun.
Beauty has been stolen, her light has been dimmed. But her light will illuminate the souls she has touched and the love she has created will be forever.

Black cloud over this city, the world will never be the same. Tears never ending, each tear slides down as if in flames.
No reasons for leaving, it was just time for you to go. Your love was your last act, but why’d you have to go?

Twisted turns and ordeals too terrifying to contemplate – have left love lost and searching for you, calling out your name…
The brook is still running, the river is still wild, the sun is still shining and the birds still fly.
We are lost for words, numb to feelings and aghast at the reality.
Please watch down on us – guide us from this hell – let it rain from the heavens sprinkle it with your love.

Until we see you again, until the time will come…watch over us and comfort us, through the storm that is yet to come.


Somewhere in time there is the sound of laughter and the infinite glow of people smiling.
Somewhere in time there are children playing, laughing and singing.
Somewhere in time there is no sickness, no problems other than a scab on your knee or a rainy day.
Somewhere in time there is laughter, dancing, jumping, running and blushing.
Somewhere in time there is nothing but time and all its wide open possibilities. 
Beauty has been stolen, lives have been cheated and time seems to be running out all around us.
Somewhere – there are people smiling and the disappeared have come home again, in youth again…where no clocks exist and there are no endings only everlasting life.