Thanksgiving has a lot of different definitions for people historically. to me thanksgiving means turkey, pumpkin pie, yams and being with family. Thanksgiving is a day for us all to stop – look around and feel.
Each day we should be grateful for every stitch of clothing, health and ability we are blessed with. But every day “should ofs” become words and feelings mumbled or said quickly. Thanksgiving is one day where we are able to stop, look, feel and appreciate everything and everyone.
We all have different opinions – some people express them respectfully with an open mind to hear what others may have to say. That is how it should be.
Mike Lupica – a sportswriter who used to write for the local tabloids – used to write about a perfect sports day in New York using the players I grew up watching.

A day when Tom Seaver is on the mound for the Met’s facing Derek Jeter, first pitch of the game. In centerfield is Mookie Wilson, flanked by Cleon Jones and Darryl Strawberry. First base is Keith Hernandez, Edgardo Alfonzo at 2nd and the younger Jose Reyes and David Wright on the left side. Behind the plate is the Kid, Gary Carter, because no one could stop him from running out there before Piazza and Grote. Mattingly is at first base for the other team (ahem) Randolph beside him and on the left side is Jeter and Nettles, of course. The outfield is Reggie, Mickey Rivers and Winfield. Behind the plate, catching Ron Guidry is the Captain Thurman Munson. (as if there is any question about that).

On the football field there is Joe Namath with Joe Fields protecting him and Weslie Walker in the endzone ball in hand. The Sack exchange and Weslie Walker – remember I chose these players – as Pat Leahy gets ready for the extra point.

On the wood we have the NY Knickerbockers facing the Pacers with the 4th quarter at MSG a do over. Ewing also would dunk the next year after an inbound pass from Derek Harper. Pat Riley would wear his championship ring with the Knicks insignia on it and Ewing, Starks, Oakley would ride down the canyon of heroes…

Sports is a welcomed distraction from this messed up world. It brings strangers and families together to high-five, argue and discuss strategy – second guessing each move and complaining profanely when a hitter cannot hit a 95 mile an hour slider or a 100 mile an hour fastball.
As a baseball fan and an obvious Met’s fan (if you know me) our lives revolve around baseball 365 days a year and sometimes even 366 days. The radio in the car, the video on the screens and the updates during every occasion from a wedding to a funeral. As a child calling sports phone listening to the quick update from wherever I was…
Perfection does not exist in this world – but at times we can close our eyes and we can be at bat against Clemens and hit a ball 500 feet away – or we can be at MSG and block Reggie Miller from getting any of those shots in or we can be Richard Todd and throw a bomb to Lam Jones for a game winning TD…

Am I going on too much – leaving out hockey? It would be 1994 every year with Messier, Leetch, Richter and of course “Matteau, Matteau, Matteau.” With some Lundquist, and other Rangers I cannot name right now…you can help!

Tell me your perfect sports scenario…

Happy Thanksgiving – may we all acquire more and more reasons to be thankful each and every day.

Thank you for reading!