There are miracles that are silent and change the world without any notice.

There are miraculous inventions that are screamed across front pages and there are sacrifices made by loved ones and strangers which the action in itself are miraculous if you think about them.

Lost sentries guarding empty prison cells while the thieves are working overtime.

Perfume drenched ladies walking by the old men who are sitting with paper bag containers and praying for attention, praying for love, praying to a god they abandoned so many years ago.

Miraculous stars from so many years ago show up and watch over this town, much like the lost sentries guarding an empty cell.

Can you convince those lonely souls that love is not a miraculous emotion?

Wild horses, lost sounds from another place and time, spoken by past souls, past voices, hoarse from screaming for a response.

Can you hear me?

Can you feel me?

Empty hearts being guarded by memories of love gone wrong, how long can one allow the past to imprison oneself?

Fears created from one moment in time, have manifested into a lifetime of solitude, of self defeat and godless temples where people congregate searching for answers.

Can a short time in pain define how one spends the rest of their life?